The importance role of transport systems on economic development in West Bengal

Asit Kumar Jana and Madhumita Jana

The economic utilization of different type of resource would incomplete without transportation. From the very earliest times, the modes of transportation have greatly been changed. The traditional transportation system was exchange with the innovation of stem and powerful engines. The density of transportation and its development (modernity) is control of economic development of a country. The economic development of any under developing state can be attributed relatively poor condition of transport system. One of the main reasons for the economic backwardness of many of the developing state of every country is the non-availability of modern transportation system. Many economists said that, in many causes’ rural poverty systems from the poor development of transport system. In the most of the developing state lack in co-ordination of different means of transport. The necessity of economic development of in a developing state is tremendous. The most important matter at such economic development is to achieve the maximum benefit from each of the existing mode of transport system. Proper co-ordination among the different modes of transport also fasters the uniform growth of the national economy. Then economic development depends on the reason of cost of transportation. The cost of transport of commodities is paramount significance. So far as the choice of particular means is concerned. The transport cost most important for reasons of economic development of any state. And then economic development deepened on relative development of transportation system. The transport systems are very closely related with technological and scientific development achieve by the state. That the modernization of the transportation system is very closely related to economic development in the state

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