Women entrepreneurs in India: socio-cultural issues and challenges

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Women entrepreneurs in India: socio-cultural issues and challenges

Dr. Pradeepika


India is a large country with vast economic and soci-cultural diversity in its varied regions. The development issues related to women in a large country like India will not only be inappropriate but sometimes even misleading. Entrepreneurship can be used as one of the key factors of economic development by involving women in entrepreneurial activities. Women can benefit from available opportunities worldwide by increasing their empowerment. It has become a key concept in social and human development discourse; it is considered to be a factor of economic and human development (Abubakar, 2010). By considering above mentioned assertions, we tried to understand socio- cultural influences, problems of women entrepreneurs. Present study tried to analyze the impact of social cultural factors on women entrepreneurs of Haryana state .To attain those objectives three districts Kurukshetra, Karnal and Ambala have been chosen from which 100 women entrepreneurs as a sample was selected. The study concluded that socio-cultural factors significantly affect women entrepreneurs and their contribution towards state economy. Many of the socio-cultural factors are identified highly influential on entrepreneurship.

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