Von willebrand disease associated with molar extraction: main challenges

International Journal of Development Research

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Von willebrand disease associated with molar extraction: main challenges

Daiana de Fátima Dionizio Franco, Letícia Roberta de Oliveira, Idiberto José Zotarelli Filho, Leandro Moreira Tempest and Igor Mariotto Beneti


Introduction: Von Willebrand disease is the most prevalent coagulation inherited disease, affecting about 1.0% of the population. There are several classifications of the disease having it types: Type 1: One of the symptoms to clinical eyes are bruises, skin squamoses with only slight touches. Objective: The objective of the study was to make a brief discussion through literary review and to show that von Willebrand disease type 1 is not life - threatening. Methods: Experimental and clinical studies were included (case reports, retrospective, prospective and randomized trials) with qualitative and / or quantitative analysis. The words were included "Von Willebrand disease", "Diagnosis", "Optimization of care". A total of 40 articles were found involving Von Willebrand disease. A total of 15 articles were evaluated in full, and 10 were included and discussed in this study. Conclusion: Anamnesis and the detailed clinical examination as well as the request for complementary examinations allow the dental surgeon to understand Von Willebrand's Disease and its stages.

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