Using manure (organic matter) as a means of yield increase in rice (oryza sativa) production in ganye northern guinea savannah zone of Nigeria

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Using manure (organic matter) as a means of yield increase in rice (oryza sativa) production in ganye northern guinea savannah zone of Nigeria

Toungos Mohammed Dahiru


The field experiment was conducted during 2016 off season using irrigation at Dingam village in Gurumpawo district of Ganye Local Government of Adamawa State, Dingam, Northern Guinea Savannah zone of Nigeria. It was conducted using manure (organic matter) to determine the yield of rice (Oryza sativa). Cianjust pandanwangi (CP) a dwarf cultivar with short grain which is commonly grown in the area. Rainfall range in the area is 757 – 1100mm/annum and temperature ranges from 15.20C – 36.70C. Due to constant run off and low yield of rice during rainy season and hardened soil during dry period; farmers experienced slippery soil when wet, low water infiltration and very hard to work on when dry, hence most farmers in the area adopted the irrigation method to grow rice. The experimental site was ploughed, harrowed and leveled, divided into 20 x 10m for main (organic) plot and control (fertilizer) plots. The same size was also replicated at farmers plot and yield determined. 10kg of manure was applied and thoroughly incorporated on the main site and after emergence 5kg was applied after 21days. The control plots received 60 – 120kg/ha-1 of fertilizer, while the farmer’s site fertilizer was applied after emergence and during booting as recommended. Seed were drilled on 25th January 2016 and the sites allowed for 5 days and irrigated from natural pond using water pump with a 3 diameter hose. There after the site was irrigated after 4 days and later twice after 10 days. Manual weed control was done first, after 21 days of seed emergence while second weeding was done after 51 days. Data collection on plant height, tillering commenced after 10days of seed emergence. Panicle initiation started at 67 - 75 days after emergence (DAE). Panicle of main plots ranges from 180 – 200mm long while those of control plot ranges from 150 – 180mm long. Grain matured at 95DAE. At harvest, main area yielded 4,610kg/ha-1, farmers plot yields 4,200kg/ha-1while control plot gave yield of 3,2104kg/ha-1. Organic farming was found to be more beneficial for improvement of the soil properties and maintenance of crop yield than the use of conventional (chemical) fertilizers in the study area. The amended soil was observed to have high visual quality and greater infiltration rate and plant mass for microbial activities.

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