Tourists motivations to plateau state

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Tourists motivations to plateau state

GONAP, Elisha Gobin, CHUMA, Vivian, DANTE, Angyu Budi and GONTUL, Timothy


Motivations are the socio-psychological forces that originate from a needs not satisfied and that stimulate an individual to participate in a specific need-fulfilling journey. Motivations are included in destination choice and image formation models as major influential factors by researchers. Plateau state is acclaimed a land of beautiful sceneries, rich cultural and historical heritage and excellent weather/climate. The people of the state are very hospitable and accommodating. These explain why Plateau state has come to be identified as the “home of Peace and Tourism.’Plateau state has equally distinguished itself as Nigeria’s foremost tourist haven. The history of tourism development in the state has followed that of the national trend. This research wass conceived to analyse the motivations of tourists who visited Plateau State.The study was carried out at nine purposely sampled sites where 1,023 tourists were sampled and interviewed. The research shows that Plateau State actually has rich tourism attractions to justify her slogan, ‘Home of …and Tourism’; some of which have been developed while others just remain as potentials. A number of these attractions have actually pulled/motivated many tourists to come visiting. The most alluring attraction being her temperate-like clement weather/climate. The researchers recommend a comprehensiveharnessing of all attractions through holistic planning, development, marketing and promotion that can guarantee sustainability of livelihoods.

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