Theoretical research on provincial level scientific research innovation

International Journal of Development Research

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Theoretical research on provincial level scientific research innovation

Tongtong Xiong and Zhe Yin


Under the framework of knowledge production function, this paper applies the multiple linear regression model in econometrics to solve the problem of the research and development and innovation in china, The results show that the input of human capital, the combination of universities and enterprises, the new product development of enterprises, and the research of institutional research have a positive effect on innovation output, The central and local governments should strengthen the cultivation of talents and human resources. The University's research is hard to rely solely on its own transformation into innovative output. The combination of universities and enterprises to carry out joint scientific research is of great significance, seeking to establish a channel for technology transfer between enterprises development and university research and development and the interaction mechanism is the enterprise development, a key issue facing the University and the provincial innovation linkage.

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