Technology: the dream of changing education

International Journal of Development Research

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Technology: the dream of changing education

Fernando Correia


The turn of the century stand as moments committed to change. It was hoped, perhaps naively, that the change of the twentieth century to XXI could bring something new to education and that it would be possible to change school. Although we live in an era where technology promised big changes in all sectors of human life, and an alleged opening of the universities to the information and communication technologies, they did not manage such a feat and after a period of euphoria we found ourselves before a school equal to what it always was. What remains from this perspective of change is a reinforcement of the ideals of a surviving factory school that insists on fulfilling its task. A university marked by passivity, by a lacking criticism, by the overvaluation of memorization and by mechanization. We bet, again, on a generation with a linear and analytical thinking which explores irrationally the nature and the others. The resignation is justified by authoritarianism and persists in the fragmentation of knowledge.

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