Synesthetic dentistry

Dr. Supratimtripathi, Dr. Ramesh Chandra, Dr. Shailja Singh, Dr. Jyoti Jain and Dr. Poonam Singh

Beauty is appreciated by stimulating the higher sences of sight and sound and has mystified both scientist and artist since the ancient Egyptians some 5000 years ago. Beauty is all about perspective or point of view. The same thing which is beautiful in one's eyes, could be viewed as an ugly thing in another's. Understanding patient’s perceptions of their dental appearance is an important aspect of patient management which may assist dentist in planning treatment that are acceptable to the patient leading to higher level of patient satisfaction. it is very important to dentist to have some understanding about the psychology of human being. We certainly can be pushed by our patients to offer the services that they want, but we are the ones who maintain the professional knowledge about what’s safe, appropriate, and will be maintained long term as well as what might do harm rather than good. This article redresses this balance by emphasizing the artistic nature of dentistry and rationalizing the criteria that constitute artistic perception.

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   Vol. 07, Issue 02, February 2017



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