A survey on “use of aspirin and lipid lowering drugs in hypertensive patients

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

A survey on “use of aspirin and lipid lowering drugs in hypertensive patients

Mrs. Bhandare, P. S. and Khan Mohd. Shabaz


The world wild prevalence and the number of patients on antihypertensive treatment with diabetes complication is increasing. Present drug utilization study was aimed at finding the trend use of aspirin and lipid lowering agents in hypertensive patients. Hypertensive patients of all age group consenting to contribute their data were enrolled. No personally identifiable information was collected about the patient/prescriber. Data about drug prescribe for hypertension and aspirin and lipid lowering agent was copied. It was observed that in 44.28% non-diabetic hypertension patient and 14.28% diabetic hypertension patient aspirin and or lipid lowering agent were prescribed Generic drugs prescription were 0%. This has increased the cost of prescription. The observations in the present study pointed a lesser incidence of use of aspirin and lipid lowering agents, to as advocated. Multiple studies have pointed usefulness of concomitant use of aspirin and lipid-lowering agents for reduction in future complications. The study data showed much less prescribing of aspirin and / or lipid-lowering agents. This may prove a factor in increased long term complications specially in diabetic patient.

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