A study on role of social media for recruitment in bpo industry

Masese Omete Fred and Dr. Uttam M. Kinange

Social networking media is the buzz all about awareness and connection, and presently used for employee recruitment. The use of Internet in recruitment is not new. In fact, over the years, E-recruitment has become popular both among the employers as well as job seekers. Many of us are registered with one or more of the social networking sites like Face book, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. The growing popularity of this social media sites for professional networking with the use of social media as a recruitment tool is much more famous and in fashion now a days. However, to what extent can the social networking sites can be used as a source of recruitment? Undeniably, there are certain jobs that cannot be filled by using the social networking sites. And even if the social networking sites can be used for recruitment, they might have to be supplemented by some other source of recruitment to accomplish a meaningful recruitment task. The purpose of this study is to investigate the relevance of collaborative social media as companies are adapting their recruitment strategies to incorporate social media when recruiting employees. This conceptual paper examines positive and negative perceptions of social media recruitment sites. It was discovered that the use of social networks at recruitment helped job seekers to find job, but numerous studies also found the opposite. Thus, organizations should understand about social media recruitment before strategic decision of recruitment.

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   Vol. 07, Issue 01, January 2017



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