Study of reducing vapor consumption in boilers

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Study of reducing vapor consumption in boilers

Wesley Pacheco Costa, Stéfano Frizzo Stefenon, Adriano Garcia, Leonardo Ceccato de Lima, Anne Carolina Rodrigues Klaar and Cristina Keiko Yamaguchi


Steam is essential for the pulp and paper industry, it's possible to dry paper whit it, generate power through turbo generators and blow out boiler tubes. With the ever-constant demand for mass production concerning quality, we are looking for more optimizations criteria aimed at reliability and availability, with cost reduction for a quick return on the investment. This work related the steam production through a chemical recovery boiler, looking for an improvement in the soot blowing system of the boiler. Later, an implantation study was proposed for some measuring instruments to control the blowing system, eliminating unnecessary costs of steam at points that did not require such frequent cleaning. It was possible to cover the quantitative method, since these are instruments that will inform in real time the amount in tons per hour of steam used to carry out the blowing.

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