Study to assess the fear of childbirth among primigravid women (pilot study)

International Journal of Development Research

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Study to assess the fear of childbirth among primigravid women (pilot study)

Mrs. Mahalakshmi, T. and Dr. Hepziba Kirubamani


Pregnancy is a wonderful period in a women’s life and she spends each and every day in pleasant anticipation, waiting to hold her bundle of joy in her arms, Even though it is a time of great happiness and fulfilment of the life, pregnancy causes a lot of mental conflicts and feelings which is a natural trend of this period. The main aim of the study to assess the level of fear related to child birth. A quantitative research approach was adopted. A research design adopted for this study was Quantitative randomized control &experimental pre ,post design . The primigravida mothers with Last menstrual period (LMP) from may last to June Ist week were chosen as sample in this study. The total sample size were 24 , 12 in control group (Primi gravid mothers) they were taken in Kolathur health post I & 12 experimental group samples were taken in Ayanavaram health post I. Sample was selected by using simple random sampling technique. Data were analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics, The results showed that there is an statistically difference found in experimental pre and post value of fear of childbirth (t=31.159,P<0.001)compare to control pre and post value (t=0,p=1) The difference in the mean values was statistically significant (P<0.001). Therefore reduction of fear related to childbirth especially in primi gravid mothers is utmost important.

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