Situation of active teaching, deep learning and motivation (atdlm) in counseling classes at the university of Guilan, Iran

Dr. Abbas Sadeghi,

This study examined Active Teaching and Deep Learning (ATDL) in counselling classes in the University of Guilan, Faculty of Humanities, Iran. Questionnaires were distributed to 150 counselling students across the Faculty of Humanities through a random sampling methodfrom the population. The reliability coefficient of the instrument was calculated by using Coronbach Alpha and it was found to be 0.80. Also a semi-structured interview was used to complete information about the active teaching and deep learning to 7 academic staff members. Results revealed that for active teaching method in classes, 72% with no satisfaction and to be a deep learner with 35% agreement and for extrinsic motivation 69% with no agreement and intrinsic motivation 31% with no agreement. Also, there were no significant differences between students with respect to gender, age, entrance academic year and average of marks.

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