Role of women in anti tisco movement of gopalpur of Odisha, Ganjam district

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Role of women in anti tisco movement of gopalpur of Odisha, Ganjam district

Dr. Ranjita behera


Development Induced Displacement is a subject of much debate around the world. In India the development projects starting from construction of Dams, Industrial units, mining’s etc. Displacement due to these projects are numerous and vast. People have left their houses and hearth. They have lost their source of livelihood such as agricultural land, fishing sources and other earning properties like, Common properties recourses (CPR). Women have comforted a lot many problems due to displacement. Displacement for men and women are different. Loosing a home may be a simpler issue for men but it is a survival and an issue of shame for women. Without a house men can stay outside and may be in the camp without any basic facility. But women can’t stay like that even for few days. They may be vulnerable in various ways. Children including girls may face dangerous situations. They are study and school used to disrupt frequently. Many times the practices say that Resettlement and Rehabilitation colony are usually placed on a barren land away from peoples habitat and they don’t get fertile cultivate land as compensation. Generally cash is given in the name of elderly male persons of the family. Cultural land social aspects are not taken care by the government.

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