Role of bharangyadi kwath in the cases of visham jwara (malaria)

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Role of bharangyadi kwath in the cases of visham jwara (malaria)

Dr. Satyadev Khichariya, Dr. Jinesh Kumar Jain and Dr. Swapnil Singhai


Malaria is a protozoal disease transmitted by the Anopheles mosquito, caused by minute parasitic protozoa of the genus Plasmodium, which infect human and insect hosts alternatively. There are four species of the genus plasmodium responsible for the malaria parasite infections that commonly infect man, P.falciparum, P.vivax, P.malariae and P.ovale. The most important of these is P.falciparum because it can be rapidly fatal and is responsible for the majority of malaria related deaths. Malaria effects mainly poor, underserved and marginalized populations in remote rural areas which are characterized by inadequate control measures and limited access to health care. Higher malaria prevalence has been reported among ethnic and tribal groups living in remote forested and border areas. Treatment for Malaria is primarily aimed at personal protective measures that prevent mosquitoes from biting and transmitting malaria, chemo-prophylaxis, anti-malarial drug of choice and blood schizonticides are the first-line drugs for the treatment of malaria. In Ayurveda, the symptoms, etiopathogenesis of Malaria resembles with Visham Jwara. Treatment includes administration of Shodhan Karma and certain Shaman Yogas. The crude drugs of Bharangyadi prepared in the form of decoctions is found to be useful in treating Vishamjwara, as the active principals contained within is found to have anti-pyretic, anti-bacterial, anti-emetic, digestive, hepato-protective and laxative properties. Total 50 patients diagnosed as Vishamjwara (Malaria) of any socio-economic status, age group of 20-60 years and irrespective of sex were randomly selected for clinical study. The drug Bharangyadi Kwath was orally given for one month of duration. Bharangyadi Kwath is very effective, safe and good result yielding drug for treatment of Vishamjwara (Malaria) as the drug is – Vatakaphashamak, Deepan, Pachan, Amapachan, Jwarangna, Trishnahar, Krimighna, Rasayan easily available, cheaper and with no side and adverse effect. The outcome revealed a better therapeutic efficacy of Bharangyadi Kwath in Vishamjwara (Malaria).

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