Right to food and impact of trips agreement on food security: A critique

International Journal of Development Research

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Right to food and impact of trips agreement on food security: A critique


In this paper analyzes a number of issues arising in the context of the direct and indirect relationship between Intellectual Property Rights and Food Security. The Royal society report, Genetically Modification plant for food, concluded that the use of genetically modified (GM) plant potentially offered benefit in Agriculture practice, food equality nutrition and health, but there were several aspects of Genetically Modified technology which required further consideration. We recognize that there is public concern about Genetically Modified technology, particularly with respect to the safety of G.M. food for human consumption and access to food to the Human and to the possible effect of the technology on the environment. The right to food is a human right recognized under national and international law which protects the right of people to access food and feed them self either by producing their food or by purchasing it. As presented in this paper, when we have been observed on system of agricultural innovation at National and International level. A solution is needed and needful action will be required. This paper argues that system failed to due to a lack of connection among the various components of the system. Therefore Intellectual Property law, policy, practice and management serve in order to secure the human rights of Right to Food.

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