Revitalizing head teacher's instructional leadership role: a possible remedy for reducing educational losses in secondary education

Toyanath Khanal

This paper discusses about the contribution of head teacher as instructional leaders to reduce educational losses including dropout and repetition rate and promoting students learning competency in secondary education. I discussed available literature, state my best experiences during my teaching career and field experiences of research works while preparing this paper. Discussion has been organized under sub headings as introduction, government investment in education sector; investment for secondary education; educational losses in secondary education;, head teacher's role towards entire education sector; head teachers' instructional leadership roles through seven different initiatives and conclusion. Study result reveals that stakeholders have been investing a lot for education differently but there remains educational losses including drop out and repetition of students in secondary education. Similarly, pass rate of SLC examination is below to 50 percentages and more than 40 percentages of gap remains between SLC result and internal promotion rate. With respect to reducing above mentioned educational losses the head teacher intervene these instructional leadership strategies including following planned way of teaching learning activities; supervising and supporting teachers and students; providing incentives for teachers and students; and developing relationship among stakeholders by considering and combating with emerging issues and challenges.

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           Prof. Dr. Bilal BİLGİN

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