Rebranding vocational education teachers’ status as a panacea to achieving functional vocational education in Nigeria

Callistus Ikechukwu Agboh

The effect of the present global economic factors facing the Nigerian nation will no doubt, make any right thinking citizen to be more reasonable, to nurture the process of discovery; to develop the class of education that will serve the supply of trained and authentic workforce to develop the economy. Functional education does not entail expertise in abstract and theoretical knowledge of a discipline, rather a selection of knowledge that is concrete, usable and which can be translated into action. Vocational education, no doubt, meets this standard, but the way and manner this class of education and her beneficiaries are regarded in Nigeria, leaves a lot to be desired. The present study was designed to determine the strategies for rebranding vocational education teachers as a panacea to achieving functional vocational education in Nigeria. A survey design was adopted. Two research questions and two hypotheses tested at 0.05% level of significance guided the study. The population for the study consists of 120 vocational education teachers. Mean and standard deviation were used to answer the research questions, while t-test statistic was employed to test the null hypotheses. The findings of the study among others revealed that poor management of vocational education teachers leads to functional vocational education disdain. It was recommended that rebranding vocational education teachers through adequate remuneration, enhanced training and retraining, proper motivation and management of vocational education teachers, among others, would facilitate functional vocational education to develope Nigerian economy.

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