Quality of life among post hysterectomy women diagnosed with cancer of cervix visiting opd’s

Navanpreet Kaur, Nidhi Sagar, Mamta and Jasbir Kaur

Background: Cervical cancer is the cancer of cervix, which is third most cause of modality among all cancers and accounts for 10% death due to cervical cancer. The prevalence of cervical cancer is documented more now- a - days which leads to demotion in all the aspects (physical, psychological, social and environmental dimensions) of quality of life and life expectancy. So, the present study was conducted using a descriptive research design with an objective to assess the quality of life of post hysterectomy women diagnosed with cancer of cervix visiting OPD’s of selected hospital of city Ludhiana, Punjab. The sample of the study comprised of 100 post hysterectomy women aged between 35 – 65 years and the data was collected using purposive sampling technique and self report method as per WHOQOL – BREF by WHO (June, 1997). Analysis was done using both descriptive and inferential statistics. The findings of the present study revealed that maximum number (83%) of post hysterectomy women diagnosed with cancer of cervix had average quality of life followed by 14% of subjects with good quality of life and only 3% had poor quality of life. More than half of subjects were having stage - 2 cancer, 30% were having stage – 1 cancer, 9% were having stage – 3 cancer and about 3% were having stage – 4 cancer. So, it is concluded that maximum number of subjects leading average quality of life

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