A proposed supervisory program to develop planning for teaching skills of english language specialty student teachers at najran university

Dr. Thouqan Saleem Masadeh

The study aimed to investigate the impact of a developed supervisory program on developing student teachers’ teaching skills. The sample consisted of (31) students who were enrolled in the field experience course offered by Najran University for 8th level students at the department of English language in the second semester of the academic year 2014/2015. To accomplish the aim of the study, a supervisory program of five main aspects, namely writing behavioral objectives, setting for the lesson, organizing the lesson content, presenting the lesson content, and determining evaluation methods was developed. Results proved the effectiveness of such program in developing student teachers’ skills needed for planning for teaching. Effectiveness of the program was due to the training strategy used and to the previous awareness of trainees needs, attitudes, and practices. Finally a set of recommendations were made.

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