Product development through cfd simulation and experimental testing of a 200 liter biomass fired institutional cook stove

Debela Geneti Desisa, Venkata Ramayya, A. and Getachew Shunki Tiba

In this work, complete analysis of 200 liter institutional cook stove, design, simulation and field test was carried out. In developing country, including Ethiopia, biomass is the major energy source especially, for cooking and heating purpose from single family to institutional level. In this back drop, this project will focus on 200 liter size of biomass fired institutional cook stove that incorporates secondary air for complete combustion. Materials were selected for each component of the stove according to their temperature resistance required. Dimensions were derived for each of the components by equating the ratio of volume increment from already existing size(60 liter and 100 liter) using scale up technique. The stove performance test was done using water boiling test for the new stove and parametric calculations were done using WBT (Water Boiling Test) version 4.2.2. Validation of CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) simulation was done by comparing with experimental results. Different cases were investigated for different percent of primary and secondary air combination for specific air fuel ratio. The CFD simulation material waswood-volatile-airfrom the ANSYS 14.5 database and naturally flow atmospheric air. Based on simulation result 60:40 (primary vs secondary) air supply was found to be best option compared to 75 : 25 and 50 : 50. The stove require a SFC of 41.25 gram per liter and average cooking time of 129.5 minute for 200 liters.

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