The problems of indian tribal communities in current scinario

Dr. Swati Girase

Tribal communities are scattered all the states of India. All tribals are having same characteristics and problems. They have their own culture and lifestyle. After independence some changes and development have been taking place but still expected success could not cover by them. Through this article special focus given on the various problems and the role of government for maintain the policy of development in current scenario. The serious and important problems have been discussed in this article and suggestions with eradication plan mention for fix the direction of tribal development. The discussion held up about constitutional provisions for tribal communities along with the various schemes and plans started by government for the tribal’s. The main problem i.e. naxalisem has been illustrate in detail with causes, effects and solutions. In current scenario, how the tribal’s exists them self and resist for survival. While implementing the government plans, its side effects also mention in this article. Indian bur orates, loopholes in administrative process are illustrated. The role of current process like industrialization, urbanization, modernization and globalization also explain with the current status of tribal community. The role of tribal commission, implementation of constitutional articles, political reservation and place, provision of special fund in the budget etc are the essential factors are related to the tribal development and empowerment. In the last part of article common illustration with present facts narrated and what actually everyone has to do for the overall development of tribal’s mentioned in detail.

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