Prevalence of lifestyle-related diseases in Japanese workers

Masaaki Minami

This study was conducted to clarify differences in health status according to groups of various Japanese companies and was assessed the prevalence of Lifestyle-related diseases (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes mellitus) in Japanese workers who underwent a through health screening were evaluated. The answers from six companies employing workers (2,513 persons), comparing results of the health checkups, and number of occupational health personnel according to company kinds were obtained. This study revealed that there was significant differences of prevalence of both hypertension and hyperlipidemia between disease and non-disease in comparison with total kinds of companies. But it also revealed that there was not significant differences of prevalence of three diseases between controlled and uncontrolled status in comparison with total kinds of companies. It is suggested that endeavors to maintain a certain level of hygiene and health management play an important role in maintaining worker health in several kinds of Japanese companies.

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