Power sector components, development, and Reforms: An overview

Gadde Omprasad

The modern day-to-day activities are solely dependent on electricity. Economic development and electricity are interlinked. Besides playing a crucial role in enhancing the agricultural production, its contribution to social sector is immense. It also covers both the domestic and productive uses. It is an important ingredient for technological advancement and for modernisation of peasant society. Electricity was discovered in the process of unveiling many other experiments including dynamo and theory of electric magnetic force. From generation to distribution it has several components. Management of these components defines the efficiency of a state in providing electricity to the population. In the process tariff setting, pricing policy plays an important role. The management of the electricity system also different and varies as per the policies of the state. This entire set up is called power sector. The success or failure or efficiency of the state in providing electricity to all the population at reasonable prices necessitates reform or restructuring of the sector. The paper provides an over view of the power sector, it’s evolution, components, pricing policies, markets and reforms, restructuring of the sector.

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