Poverty, inequality and models of social protection in the see countries

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Poverty, inequality and models of social protection in the see countries

Dr. Jovan Pejkovski


Poverty as a phenomenon is found in almost all countries. The question is whether poverty and inequality can only be solved with the systems of social protection and social security, or they must be changed and supplemented with innovative solutions that will prevent the potential social conflicts. Inequality perceived as discrimination and social exclusion of people from the social opportunities in the countries of Europe and separately from south-eastern Europe is analyzed and compared from the aspects of the established models as correctors. Certain categories as youth, elderly, persons at risk, require specific measures and active policies aimed at promoting for their market promotion for employment and exit from poverty. The insufficiency of social protection in the existing model, shape and size, required adjustments and guarantees for income which could be righteous and dignified. Only then can the individual to meet their and family needs and to have a level of security. The systems of organization on the state level and local community assume modern social management in function of effective social and overall development. It requires the use of strategies to reduce poverty and level of social transfers that will cover the necessary needs of citizens

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