Political journalism in media convergence era

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Political journalism in media convergence era

Dudi Iskandar, Antar Venus, Herlina Agustin, and Aceng Abdullah


Indonesia presidential election campaign, June 5-July 5 2014 was the most crucial period of the practice of journalism and media organizations in Indonesia. Reports of three media groups (Kompas Group, Media Group, and MNC Group) during the 2014 presidential election campaign is the focus of this study. This paper is the second stage of research results (discourse practice) of three planned phases as critical discourse analysis of Norman Fairclough (text, discourse practice, dan socio cultural levels). In the 2014 presidential campaign, Media Groups and MNC Group are very much in the interest of their owners. While the Kompas Group at the editorial level is not visible even though they have historical connection with the ideology of a particular party. The coverage of Kompas Group on PDIP is not as massive as Media Group reporting on Nasdem party or MNC Group about Hary Tanusoedibjo. Kompas Group is more viscous economic and business interests than ideology and politics. While the news in Media Group and MNC Group is more political than a pure journalistic work.

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