Political crisis and political ethic in the global age

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Political crisis and political ethic in the global age

Sulismadi and Ahmad Sofwani


This article was aimed to analyze and describe political crisis and political ethic in the global age. Two methodswere used for understanding this topic, namely the analysis of theories and the review of literatures. This article presented a study of review and some results were obtained. Political ethic is a part of social ethic and literally talking about political life of human beings. Pancasila (Five Principles) cannot be separated from all aspects in the governing of a nation. Governmental officers may take benefits from political ethic. First, ethic is needed for the relationship of politic and power. Second, political ethic is aimed to empower community-based control mechanism against governmental policies by which the divergence from the ethic can be restrained. Third, governmental officers must take a responsibility for any decisions they have made with their position or also be responsible for the effect of their decision after they leave the tenure. Ethic distortion is a genuine consequence of politic. People say that politic is dirty, manipulating power, engineering fake-goodness, and showing a practice of deception. This statement reflects community nausea to political atmosphere. Political ethic could deliver a moral meaning into the duty of governmental officers when they hold public position and it should be change toward better mindset and action. In essence, political ethic is evidently importantto governmental officers either on the practical or conceptual terms of their duty. The definition of globalization is “a process to unify the products of thought and action from any humans, including individual, group, and community, from any parts of the worlds”. Technological advance has positive and negative impacts. Reversing this negative impact would require higher quality of mental standing. This quality involves noble character, faith, and trustworthiness to enforce the coalescence and unity of a nation.

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