June 2013

  1. Gulbhile Shamsundar, D. and Zambare Sureshchandra, P.
    The present investigation was carried out to study the probable role of caffeine (1, 3, 7-Trimethylxanthine) on mercury induced alterations on the experimental freshwater bivalve, Lamellidens corrianus (Lea). The effect on bivalve was studied under five groups. A group bivalve were kept as control, B group bivalves were exposed to acute dose (LC50...
  2. Bozabe R. Karka, Ahouannou Clément, Toukourou C. Akanho and Hounkonnou Mahouton Norbert
    The present work has for object the comparison by digital simulation of the mechanical behavior of tiles in micro-concrete, the small and wide size to operate a choice on the dimensions and the existing geometrical forms. A modeling of tiles by the software of calculation of structures Robot Millennium 17.0 allowed on one hand to determine the...
  3. Etonyeaku, E. A. C., Anyanwu, J. I., Ugwoke, E. O. and Onuoha, J. C.
    The study investigated the influence of job stress on family social behaviour of bankers in Enugu State of Nigeria. The study was aimed at identifying the sources and influences of job stress on bankers. The study which adopted a descriptive survey design was carried out among 330 marketing bank staff working in selected commercial banks in Enugu...
  4. Mathivanan, K. and Dr. Pazhanivelu, G.
    The purpose of this research was to study the higher secondary students’ participation in environmental activities in relation to environmental awareness. This study correlates certain demographic variables in respect of environmental awareness and participation in environmental activities. Environmental Awareness Scale constructed and validated...
  5. Dr. Seema S. Shenoy, Dr. Sequeira, A. H. and Dr. Devaraj, K.
    India is slowly emerging as the new hub for retail operators around the globe. However, the rules of the game are not yet clear. Prospective investors and the existing players are still unaware of the prospects of India retail market. This paper acts as an eye opener by detailing the saga of Indian retail and highlighting the avenues for...



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