April 2013

  1. Richard, M. P.
    Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The agriculture sector is the back bone of Indian economy as it accounts for about fifty eight percent of the employment in the nation (2001 census). India is the third largest producer of coconut and leads ninety coconut producing countries of the world. The New Agriculture...
  2. Shenbagaraj, P. and Arockiasamy, S.
    The Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Act of the UPA government in India was introduced primarily to enhance the livelihood of households by providing 100 days of employment in development works. An analyze of the data for Ottapidaram block of Thoothukudi district has revealed that the scheme was able to provide only 26 days of...
  3. Dr. Vijayakumar, A. and Jayachitra, S.
    Women entrepreneurship is gaining importance in India in the wake of economic liberalization and globalization. The policy and institutional framework for developing entrepreneurial skills, providing vocation education and training has widened the horizon for economic empowerment of women. However, women constitute only one third of the economic...
  4. Laura, J. S., Ajit Singh and Jyoti Rana
    Seed germination represents a crucial phase in the life cycle of angiosperms. Sewage is used for the irrigation of crops in field around most cities. Analysis of the sewage revealed presence of heavy metals which are known to suppress seed germination. Hence in the present investigation, the effect of sewage on the activities of total amylase, α-...
  5. Agus Djoko Utomo, Rasyid Ridho, M., Dinar DA Putranto and Edward Saleh
    Gajah Mungkur reservoir is a multipurpose  reservoir with broadness of 8,800 ha .  Its functions mainly for irrigation, hydroelectric power, source of drinking water, tourism, aquaculture and fisheries. Presently the sustainability of reservoir function is distressed by emerging of sedimentation. The sedimentation may be reduced water...



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