July 2011

  1. Alli, J., Ganapathy, S. and Muthumanickam, R.
    The Present investigation has been under taken in order to study the environmental knowledge of school teachers in Cuddalore District. Environmental Knowledge of school teachers scale was constructed and validated by the investigators (2011) has been administrated to a random sample of 300 higher secondary school teachers. It is found that there...
  2. R. Prabavathi, V. Mathivanan and Mrs. Selvisabanayagam
    Contamination of soils with toxic metals has often resulted from human activities, especially those related to mining, industrial emissions, disposal or leakage of industrial wastes, application of sewage sludge to agricultural soils, manure, fertilizer and pesticide use. Phytoremediation is the term applied to a group of...
  3. J. Patchaivaziamman and S. Krishnamurthy
    The present study is concerned in exploring the relative relevance of Home environment and Teaching aptitude of B.Ed trainee teachers of Union Territory of Pondicherry. The sample consisted of 805 B.Ed trainee teachers and the investigator adopted the survey method. The finding reveals that there is significant difference between male and female...
  4. M. Muththamizh and Dr. R. Muthumanickam
    A study has been conducted on 200 teachers of which 62 are men and 138 are women from 15 different schools in Chidambaram Taluk, to find the level of factors responsible for human conflict (caste, religion, economical factors and government policies). It is found that the graduate teachers and post graduate teachers significantly differ in respect...
  5. V. Rajathi and Selvi Sabhanayagam
    In the present study Sphaerodema rusticum were exposed to sublethal concentration of mercury. The key enzymes of the anaerobic glucose metabolism (Succinate dehydrogenase, and Lactate dehydrogenase) activity were observed in testis and seminal vesicle of Sphaerodema rusticum.During the Sublethal concentration of mercury contamination, the...



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