A modified CTAB DNA extraction procedure for plants belonging to the family Sapindaceae

Amzad Basha Kolar, Abdul Khayum and Sabiha Sultana, M.

A good DNA extraction procedure for the isolation of genomic DNA should yield adequate and intact DNA of reasonable purity. The procedure should also be quick, simple, and cheap and if possible should avoid the use of dangerous chemicals. This paper describes a simple, rapid and efficient method for isolating genomic DNA extraction methods for mature leaves, resting buds and seedling leaves of 5 different genera namely Sapindus, Cardiospermum, Litchi, Allophilus, Dodonea of Sapindaceae. The plants belonging to this family is considered to be a “difficult” for DNA isolation due to its high polyphenolic content, which may interfere with the DNA purity especially for subsequent manipulations. This modified CTAB protocol include the use of 2M NaCl, 2% Polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP), 5% mercaptoethanol and 80% ethanol in the extraction as well as reducing the centrifugation times during the separation and precipitation of the DNA. Isolated genomic DNA showed high purity and high quantity. The DNA was digested by resctriction endonuleases and it was suitable for subsequent PCR amplification.

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