Migration: A theoretical probe

Shyam Krishna Jee

Since the advent of 20th century, when world imperialism entered into the stage of finance capitalism and its inner contradiction, arisen specially for occupation of colonies by newly emerged imperialist countries to invest their surplus capital, indulged them in two global wars, many economic theories were propounded by the well-meaning imperialist economists. Moreover, in the wake of collapse of colonial regime globally and emergence of a global socialist system after the Second World War, the global imperialism was much constrained economically in its efforts to maintain its global economic position. Under such an economically harassing condition as the consequences of the Second World War had imposed upon imperialist countries, the latter innovated the new device of neo-colonial exploitation of newly independent countries through mechanism of migration, the two; (1) migration of capital from imperialist countries to the newly independent countries (Third World Countries or developing countries) and (2) migration of labour from the latter to imperialist countries have been appeared as the most patent factors in global economy. In the years 1990’s, when the socialist world order collapsed, and neo-liberalism appeared as main fulcrum of economic policy in the globally marketised economy, the pace of migration of capital from imperialist countries to developing countries has increased leaps and bounds but labour migration- from developing countries to imperialist countries has not assumed the same pace. To justify this sort of unequal migration, which are beneficial for imperialist countries many theories have been innovated and developed by imperialist economists. The objective of this paper is to have a theoretical probe into some of the concepts brought on fore by such economists.

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