Malaria in children, its association with abo blood group and haemoglobin genotype

Amala, Smart Enoch and Nwibani, Chidiebere Priscilla

The prevalence of malaria among children and its association with ABO blood group and haemoglobin genotype among children attending Agbonchia Health Centre, Eleme was investigated. Blood samples were obtained from 250 children were examined for malaria parasitemia by Giemsa staining thin and thick blood film, and examining under the microscope. The prevalence of malaria among the children was 122(48.6%). The prevalence of malaria by age group showed the children between 0-4 yrs had the highest prevalence (43.2%). Prevalence of malaria by ABO blood group and haemoglobin genotype, blood group O had the highest prevalence (24.0%) and lowest cases of severe malaria (1.6%). The prevalence malaria by blood genotype, AbAA 99(39.6%) and severe malaria 20(8.0%), while HbAS 23(9.2%) and severe malaria 4(1.6%). Children with blood group O had more prevalence of malaria but less clinical episode than A and B. The HbAS genotype had less prevalence and less clinical episode than AbAA children.

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           Prof. Dr. Bilal BİLGİN

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