Main predictors for aesthetic dental implant: brief review

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Main predictors for aesthetic dental implant: brief review

Maria Carolina Ibrahim do Nascimento, Monique Caroline Agorreta, Tamiris Fernanda Ziviani, TaylaneSoffenerBerlanga de Araújo, Ana Paula Bernardes da Rosa Maluf Abbud, Patrícia Garani Fernandes, Leandro Moreira Tempest, Carlos Alberto Costa Neves Buchala, Elias Naim Kassis and Idiberto José Zotarelli Filho


The use of implants as a replacement for lost or missing teeth have been reported in the literature as a good therapy and survival rates of success. Currently, in addition to matters related to the oral physiological functions, visual appearance and aesthetics have been addressed as an important factor in this type of therapy. Thus, the aim of this study was to review the literature and discuss the main factors supporting the aesthetic excellence before and after the rehabilitation of former regions, the use of dental implants. A search protocol was developed and included study should relate different aspects and may involve different tissues (gum and bone) , surgical téncnicas , materials and expectations of the patient and relate them with getting a nice aesthetic when rehabilitation involved regions above. A total of 332 articles were found involving implantation, anterior and aesthetics. A total of 30 articles were evaluated in full, and 28 were included and discussed in this study. In order to clarify the main points related to aesthetics in implantology, the articles were categorized according to the subjects addressed and as a conclusion we found the following determining factors for a good aesthetics in implantology : - Diagnosis and Planning ; - Reverse Planning; - Handling of Soft and Hard Tissue; - Tissue perimplantar; - Prosthetic Resources; and - Psychological factors associated with Aesthetics .

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