Literacy for healthy living

Juliana Rotkangmwa Bodang

This thesis hinges on the premise that the significant survival of any person or any nation depends on the health of the people. This means that one needs to maintain an equilibrium that is not threatened at any moment by forces and caprices beyond his or her foresight and control to be able to live a healthy life. The health of every individual depends to a greater extent on the literacy level of either the individual or the nation. The fact that “health is not just the absence of disease” presumes that there are other forces and factors that can influence one’s health socially, psychologically and economically. The paper further posits that literacy is fundamental for healthy living, personal empowerment, and active and positive participation in the local and global social community. Knowing how to read can be the difference between healthy self-esteem and none at all. The write up concludes that there is no doubt that health must be maintained to avoid deficiencies or disabilities. There is the need for the utilization of literacy techniques for healthy living.

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           Prof. Dr. Bilal BİLGİN

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