Lisfranc injury in adolescents an uncommon case report

International Journal of Development Research

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Case Report

Lisfranc injury in adolescents an uncommon case report

Al-Sadek, T., Al-Sadek, A., Dimitrov, G. and Marinov, K.


Purpose: We describe the case of a 12 years old girl who suffered a condition, after she had suffered a trauma in her anterior aspect of her left forefoot in the position of plantar flexion during a sport activity. Which was treated in our hospital. Methods: Under general anesthesia, an open reduction and internal fixation was performed with K-wires in cross configuration and was immobilized in a below-knee cast. Results: She was discharged home the following day without bearing weight. 5 weeks post-operatively, K-wires and cast were removed and she was allowed to walk with two crutches. 2 months after the surgical procedure, she could walk without any pain and crutches. Conclusion: Good results have been correlated to anatomical stable reduction. TMT joint injuries are considered indication of surgical treatment with a few exceptions because of the inability to obtain that stable reduction without operative treatment.

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