Key administration with certificate in wsn

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Key administration with certificate in wsn

Devendra Terse and Archana Augustine


Network (WSNs) comprises tiny sensor nodes with strained energy, memory and computation capabilities. They are typically deployed within the unattended and hostile environment. So device no des area unit susceptible to attacks such as no de capture and collusion attack by adversaries. Its associate degree energy efficient dynamic key management scheme that performs localized re-keying to reduce overhead. Key management has remained a difficult issue in Wireless Device Networks (WSNs) as a result of the constraints of device no de resources. Various key management schemes that trade off security and operational necessities are proposed in recent years. A certificate oriented-effective key management (CO-EKM) protocol for secure communication in dynamic WSNs characterized by node mobility. The CO-EKM underpins key upgrades once a node leaves or joins a cluster and guarantees forward and in reverse key secrecy. The protocol furthermore supports key revocation for traded off or compromised nodes and limits the effect of a node compromise on the protection of alternative links for communication. A security analysis of theme shows that protocol is effective in defensive against varied attacks and simulates it using Network Simulator2 to assess its time, energy, communication, and memory performance.

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