Isotopic effect of carbon doped mgb2 superconductor

International Journal of Development Research

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Isotopic effect of carbon doped mgb2 superconductor

Gargee Sharma and Smita Sharma


A theoretical investigation of isotopic effect for Carbon doped MgB2 alloys viz. MgB2, MgB1.97C0.03, MgB1.89C0.11 and MgB1.80C0.20 have been reported for the first time using BCS theory. We have tested the applicability of isotopic effect relation Tc= (cons.) M-α where α is isotopic coefficient. Electron –phonon coupling (λ) and isotopic coefficient (α) have been calculated by using Ashcroft’s potential for the alloys under present consideration. The value of isotopic mass (M) have been calculated by isotopic substitution of three isotopes of Mg (12Mg24, 12Mg25& 12Mg26) two isotopes of B (5B10 & 5B11) and three isotopes of C (6C12, 6C13 & 6C14 for the alloys. It is observed that the transition temperatures (Tc) decreases linearly as these isotopic mass (M) increases. In the present work Tc, M-α and λ obtained for alloys are also found an excellent qualitative agreement with available theoretical or experimental reported data, which confirms the existence of the isotopic effect is responsible for superconductivity in the above alloys.

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