Interplay between cultural endowments, promotional efforts and destination image: a case of zanzibar as a tourist terminus

Issa Seif Salim and Lufumbi J. Mwaipopo

This study was conducted to explore the relationship between cultural endowments and effective promotional efforts in the promotion of destination image. Data were collected from 410 international tourists in Zanzibar airport’s departure lounge using a highly structured questionnaire. The findings from structural equation modeling revealed a significant relationship between cultural endowments and destination image. The effectiveness of destination promotional efforts also revealed a significant mediating relationship between both cultural endowments and destination image. This study proposes ways of reviving and managing cultural endowments with a view to creating an appealing destination. Strategically, the study recommends that tourism marketers should reinforce tourists’ cultural authenticity so as to create a strong bond between a destination and potential visitors. Pragmatically, this research could help destination managers to determine segment so tourism which require special attention in the definition of future tourism intervention strategies. The study also recommends further research on this neglected area to enable tourism marketers to generate more literature that will help in creating a better and sound destination image.

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