Influence of dysprosium concentration on luminescence properties of lithium borate glasses for yellow laser applications

Sudhakar Reddy, K. and Krishna Reddy, C.V.

Dy3+ doped lithium borate (LB) glasses with compositions (in mol %) (60-x) B2O3+ 20LiF + 10MgF2 + 10ZnO + xDy2O3 (where x = 0.1, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2 mol%) were prepared by melt quenching technique and have been investigated using structural measurements, optical absorption, luminescence, and decay kinetic techniques as well as Judd–Ofelt (J–O) analysis. The structure of host glass system can be accessed from XRD and Raman graphs. For these glasses, optical absorption, emission and decay measurements were carried out. From the optical absorption spectra, the spectral intensities (f) and Judd-Ofelt intensity parameters, Ωλ (λ= 2, 4, 6) have been evaluated. From the photoluminescence spectra and using Judd-Ofelt intensity parameters, radiative transition probabilities (AR), experimental branching ratios (βexp), stimulated emission cross-sections (σe) and optical gain (σe×τexp) are calculated. To investigate luminescence efficiency of 4F9/2 level of Dy3+ doped different lithium borate glasses, lifetimes (τexp) are predicted from decay curve analysis for all prepared Dy3+ doped lithium borate glasses glass matrices. Finally, these observed results were discussed and compared with the literature data and suggested for the yellow laser applications.

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