Important considerations about dentist surgery in the diagnosis of oral cancer

International Journal of Development Research

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Important considerations about dentist surgery in the diagnosis of oral cancer

Jaqueline Paixão de Sousa, Bruna Cristina Andreto da Silva Escola, Amanda Aparecida Alves, Diego César Marques, Idiberto José Zotarelli Filho, Taylane Soffener Berlanga de Araújo, Andreia Borges Scriboni and Leandro Moreira Tempest


Oral cancer or oral carcinoma is a chronic, complex, multifactorial pathology resulting from the interaction of intrinsic and extrinsic factors leading to imbalance in the process of cell proliferation and growth control. It is up to the dentist to detect early lesions or anomalies that may suggest a possible early stage cancer and refer the patient to referral referral and referral center of specialty dentistry. The time elapsed between the perception of symptoms, correct diagnosis and treatment interferes with the evolution and prognosis of cancer and also the quality of survival of patients. This study aims to analyze the late diagnostic consequences of oral carcinoma in the prognosis of the lesion. The main consequences of late diagnosis of oral carcinoma are delayed therapeutic treatment, increased treatment costs, increased patient suffering due to loss of function and mutilation, social rejection, poor quality of life, favorable prognosis reduction, decreased survival of the patient. In addition to damages to society. There is an urgent need for a course of improvement and training to prepare professionals to perform the diagnosis of oral cancer through accurate physical examination a procedure of the professional and that is part of their routine care.

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