Importance of employee’ safety measure: A study conducted at hcl technologies limited, Chennai

John Kaviarasu, S., Wilfred Angello Gerald, J. and Louis Victor

Ensuring high levels of occupational health and safety remains a significant issue. The concept of safety climate has come to every organization due to frequent accident occurred within a cultural and social context. It is the duty of the organization to ensure that every individual has to learn organizational safety values and finally make sure to find out the appropriateness of safety-related behavior. Developing a fuller and a detailed understanding of organizational safety climate remains a significant issue not only for the industries, but also a wider society in terms of practical application. Primary data collected from 100 respondents through stratified random sampling technique from HCL Technologies Limited, Chennai by a questionnaire method. The researcher used both descriptive and analytical type of research design. Similarly secondary data were gathered from textbooks, organizational reports and websites etc. Safety is important at a workplace, because human resource is the most important resource of an organization. Employees can remain motivated if they feel safe and happy at their workplace. This says a lot about the importance of workplace safety. Workplace safety is immensely important for the very reason of improved productivity. It is only when the employees feel safe at work; they can invest the fullest of their capacities and exploits the best of their potentials to work. Workplace is the management’s responsibility.

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