Impact of teachers’ job satisfaction in academic achievement of the students in higher technical institutions: A study in the Kamrup District of Assam

Arunima Borah

Education is a subject that takes in to consideration of the total human aspects of growth and development. It relates to the cognitive, affective as well as connative areas of human personality. It should be mentioned here that the most important and effective factor of any educational system is the teacher. It is the teacher who generally modifies the behaviour of the students and develops their capabilities to the fullest. The changing trend of educational system demands the competent teachers to cope up themselves with the new change in the horizon of knowledge, methods and techniques of teaching. The present changing scenario demands to know the teachers’ job satisfaction level and job satisfaction survey is the best way to investigate and analyze the various causes of satisfaction and dissatisfaction of the teachers towards their job environment. This study was an attempt to trace out the level of job satisfaction of the teachers and its relationship with the academic achievement of the students in higher technical institutions of Kamrup district of Assam.

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