Health, frontier and anthropology: interwoven dialogues

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Health, frontier and anthropology: interwoven dialogues

Valdir Aragão do Nascimento, Sônia Maria Oliveira de Andrade, Álvaro Banducci Júnior, and Cleberson Dias Lima


Background: The study of frontier regions involves several areas of action. Thus, it is necessary to study and demonstrate the importance of establishing dialogue between the two areas of knowledge, apparently theoretically and methodologically distant, but which resemble each other in terms of their object of scientific interest: man and his numerous interlocutions with the biological and socio-cultural world. Objective: This research was carried out with the objective of delineating some aspects related to the frontier and its intersections with the areas of health and anthropology. Methods: it is a bibliographical and documentary study. The theoretical framework that composes the text is a tributary of theoretical reflections and empirical research, both from the area of health and from anthropology, specifically the subfield called anthropology of the frontier. Conclusion: the study demonstrated that a closer approximation between the disciplines of health and anthropology is necessary. This approach would contribute greatly to the solution of several problems of sociobiological order that are sometimes expressed in the physical body, or in the social body.

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