Green energy generation from speed breakers

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Green energy generation from speed breakers

Anand Kumar Pandey


In this technical research article, I am using a double sided rack and pinion arrangement to generate energy. Rack and Pinion arrangement is a mechanism which is used to convert the reciprocating motion to rotary motion. Whenever a vehicle would pass over the breaker, it would push it down. So rack will move downward and will rotate the gears. A gear train is used to increase the speed ratio at shaft of generator. Then the springs will push the breaker upside to its initial position and again it will rotate the gears. As the shaft of D.C. generator starts rotating, it produces electricity. This electricity is stored in a battery. This project will work on the principle of “Conversion of Mechanical Energy into Electrical Energy”, Mechanical energy can be thought of as energy stored within a physical system. During daytime electricity is not needed for lightening the streets, so we are using a control switch which is manually operated .This control switch is connected by wire to the output of the battery. The control switching mechanism allows the current to flow when needed.

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