Gps mobile banking: An advance security measures

Puleno Kennao, Munish Kumar Mishra, Lav Kesharwani,

The proliferations of smart phones are integral part of our daily lives because of its diverse and enhanced features. Online banking which is now replacing the traditional banking practice has a lot of benefits which add value to customers and eventually leading to a lot more easy life. Because of the ubiquitous use of online banking, it is important to give attention towards security measures against fraudulent activities. Therefore, it is important for the mobile user to have the Location Based Service (LBS) that has the capability to provide real time information to users based on their location of X & Y co-ordinates generated by Global Positioning System (GPS) which acts as positioning device. This application collaborated with the help of GPS facility will provide the exact location of the mobile user. Nowadays, online banking fraud is at stake worldwide and so such application with GPS facility will help to locate the user or the hacker. With special implementation to public sector or authorities, this service can be implemented by delivering the accessed location GPS address to nearest police station, registered user and concerned bank. Thus, this paper will attempt to explore the possibility of security measures on mobile banking with the help of GPS.

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