Garbhini chardi and its management

Dr. Madhu, M.

Ayurveda is a science of life which emphasizes both the preventive and curative aspect of the diseases. The present world is concerned about the increasing rate of morbidity which alters their life expectancy. Acharya Charaka has compared pregnant lady with Taila poorna patra which can spill off even by small disturbances hence seeking proper attention. Garbhini Chardi is one of the Garbhini Vyapats explained by our Acharyas which is a pregnancy induced ill-health and also causes congenital problems in newborn due to deficit nutrition. Ayurvedic classics have mentioned Chardi as one of the Vyakta Garbha lakshana which can be compared with the disease vomiting of pregnancy i.e Emesis Gravidarum. Vomiting in early weeks of pregnancy is common; more than 50% of pregnant ladies of 1st trimester pregnancy are suffering from this health issue. If it is not corrected causes severity which even hampers the Fetal outcome. So it is the need of time to prevent and cure the vomiting during pregnancy.

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