An exposition of democratic governance in Nigeria and its implication for sub- regional security

Ibrahim Umara, Ikyase Johnkennedy Tersoo and Iwegbunam Oluchi Nancy

This paper examines an exposition of democratic governance in Nigeria and its implication for sub-regional security. The paper is written against the backdrop that democracy is considered as the most desirable form of government. Nigeria’s importance to global security hinges on the fact that she is not only the most populous country in Africa, but also strategically located in a region (Gulf of Guinea). Nigeria has provided materials and other forms of support to the democratic processes in Guinea Bissau, Mali, Senegal. Liberia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Niger among others. This work utilizes both primary and secondary data, while the regional security theory was used as our theoretical framework. The paper revealed that security challenges facing West Africa sub-region include: bad governance, unemployment, poverty, illicit proliferation of small, armed group, immature democracy, the paper found out that, within the West African sub-region, Nigeria has sought to manage the inter-state relations under the Framework of the ECOWAS and other bilateral arrangements with its immediate neighbors. In this connection, it has made the promotion of peace and security the primary consideration. The paper recommends among other things that leadership of African nations should be re-orientated on the need to see themselves as “servant leaders” and not as “rulers. Instead of being instrumental leaders, they should act as societal leaders. The paper concludes that there is a continuing need for the enhancement of the capacity of ECOWAS to inform and contribute to security in member states. There should be proactive efforts by ECOWAS to institute enabling mechanism for conflict prevention and peace-building across the region; increased transparency and accountability by regional leaders. There is a need to strengthen all institutions and processes that promote efficiency, accountability and transparency in the management of national resources across West Africa.

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