Export performance of other processed fruits and vegetables from India

Kuthe Surendra, B. and More Sachin, S.

Status of other processed fruits and vegetables in respect of its export from India was studied for the period from the year 1989-90 to 2013-14 with respect to major export destinations. Status was examined by estimating mean, compound growth rate, instability and diversification. Ray method was used to estimate the instability and diversification status was examined with the help of Simpson Index of Diversification.CGR were estimated by employing best fit functional form to the export data. United State of America, Saudi Arab, United Kingdom, Netherland and UAE were the major export destination of other processed fruits and vegetables from India in terms of quantity as well as value during the study period. Average growth in this export sector was 14.53 and 21.07 per cent w.r.t. quantity and value, respectively. High growth was coupled with high instability was observed. Moderate level of instability was observed at overall level. Except during initial levels, high level of diversification was observed.

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           Prof. Dr. Bilal BİLGİN

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