The evaluation of teachers` competencies in the higher education of east timor: Students perspective

Abílio Antonio Freitas Belo

Several studies have demonstrated the impact that the quality of teacher education has on teaching and student performance. The assessment of the competences of higher education teachers by students is one way of assessing the quality of teachers and, therefore, the quality of public higher education itself. It is therefore pertinent to carry out empirical studies that make it possible to understand how students evaluate teachers' competences. The objective of this study was to evaluate the competences of higher education teachers in the public university of East Timor, based on the students' opinion. Using a random sample of 342 students enrolled in four of the nine faculties of the National University of East Timor (UNTL), surveys were carried out to evaluate the pedagogical, professional, social and personality traits of teachers. The results showed a positive evaluation by the students, although the objectives of the National Strategic Plan for Education 2011-2030 (METL, 2011) have not yet been fully achieved.

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